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  Twin Bridges

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Considered as a symbol of Zhouzhuang, Twin Bridges consists of Shide Bridge and Yong’an Bridge and is a must for tourists touring Zhouzhuang. You can greatly appreciate the wonder and beauty of the bridge here.


This sightseeing destination is located to the northeast of the town.

Why got its this name

Since it’s made up of two bridges, the scenic spot got this name.

As one of the elements of Twin Bridges, the east-west Shide Bridge has a round arch while Yong’an is north-south and has a square arch. The Twin Bridges crosses two crisscross rivers-Yinzi Creek and Nabeishi River and connects them in the middle. Since the attraction looks like an ancient Chinese key, it also called Key Bridge.


With a long history, the Twin Bridges was built in the Wanli age of the Ming dynasty.



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