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  Zhang House

Brief / profile
Zhang House is one of the few constructions built in the Ming Dynasty.
It lies to the south of the Twin Bridges.

Why got its this name

Zhang’s family had ever lived here; therefore, it got this name.

Function or value in the past

This house was used as a residential place in the ancient time.

The attraction was constructed by Xu's family in the Zhengtong era (1436 - 1449) during the Ming Dynasty and bought by Zhang's family in the early Qing Dynasty.

Architecture / Structure / Each scenery.

It has over 70 rooms. Ruojing River flows through Zhang House. As a wonderful and graceful residential place, Zhang House has a courtyard and pond, so you can enjoy the tranquil and graceful atmosphere. All deep halls are expressing the former owner's life here.

Present condition
Zhang House has been listed as the key heritage site under special protection in Jiangsu Province.


There’re buses taking you directly to this attraction.



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